About Shelley

Hi, I’m Shelley and I love making crochet easy and enjoyable.

I first learned to crochet as a child, and it wasn’t until almost 40 years later that I made my next granny square. And, you guessed it, shortly after that square, I realised that I had found “my thing”.

There was something about taking that traditional square and designing a new design that had me hooked.

Now, more than ten years on, I’ve published eight books! Each book bringing a new wave of excitement, especially when I connect with old and new faces in my online community and workshops. I’m always blown away by how quickly each pattern is picked up and already part of a project in progress.

Image of Shelley Husband standing on beach wrapped in a blue and white crochet wrap.
Image of Shelley Husband at a crochet expo/event.

Recently, I hosted my first crochet retreat (yes, it’s a thing!) and what I saw supported something I’ve noticed over the years…

Many of us who are drawn to crochet feel that thrill of successfully completing each row and are eager to dive into the next. And, when we come together, we know it’s something special. Each of us confident and comfortable to crochet at our own pace in the same place until our cups are full – this is what I love about the crochet community.

Yes, it’s taken time and experience to find a way to make patterns so practical that they’re enjoyable at any stage. Each person who has picked up one of my patterns has helped me. At my workshops, I’m often told, “I did it, Shelley, and…” or someone meets and greets me with their latest project in hand, as they eagerly share what they loved, where they got stuck, how they fixed it and what they’ll do in their next project (which they’ve already started!) – it’s these moments that remind me that this is why I do what I do.

And, if you were to find me in those rare times when I’m not holding a book or writing a book, you’d see me enjoying, loving and living on Gunditjmara Country in Southwest Victoria, Australia. Every day, I look out and fall in love with this land a little more – it’s quiet here with hubby, especially now that our three children are out in the world spreading their own crafty wings.

Overhead shot of Shelley Husband who is doing some crochet work.
Image of Shelley Husband standing in front of a white crochet blanket.

So, you’ve come this far, which means you’re closer to starting. To make it easy for you, I’ve popped some suggested places you can begin below.

And, when we do connect, please feel comfy and confident to share, and show off your squares so that I can ooooh and ahhhh over what you’ve made (seriously, I make this noise every time)!

Until then, happy crocheting, one square at a time.

You can begin by diving into your first book or connecting with my encouraging community.


Each (normal) week, I share different things. Sometimes I show you what I’ve been working on, or give you a heads up on an upcoming workshop, or unpick a crochet tip or trick to pin down why something’s important to be how it is – you know, normal crochet nerd stuff.


Join me on the gram. You’ll often find me here in the early parts of most days. It’s here you’ll notice me share a little something about crocheting, creating, and the Australian wildlife that watch me crochet from my couch each day.

Facebook Group

Come along and feel inspired, be cheered on, and connect in our truly special community. We welcome questions, cheers, and calls for encouragement as we gather to enjoy seeing the granny squares from my books grow in endless shapes and sizes.


Talking of books, you can grab your first (or third) pattern book in print or digital. If you have a book or yarn store near you, pop in and flip through the pages to find your first project. Or click the link and I’ll pop it in the post for you. I’ve designed each book for you to do it all yourself.


And, when you’re ready (which is where a lot of people begin), let’s crochet in person! New workshops are always being planned and are popping up across Australia (and hopefully wider soon). To be the first to know, I suggest keeping a keen eye on my newsletter.


Or, you can get everything in the one place by downloading the Shelley Husband Crochet App. It’s here I make sure you’re kept in loop with what’s coming next, books you can buy, and sometimes I sneak in a surprise pattern to say thanks.

Image of Shelley Husband standing outside on a verandah with flowers. She is holding a white crochet square in her hands.