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Granny Square Academy 2: Cracking the granny square crochet code, is ready for pre-order!

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A companion to the first Granny Square Academy, book 2 expands your learning even more, teaching you new skills and techniques. Over 12 lessons, you’ll know what you need to do, why it’s important, and how you can apply it to other parts of your crocheting.

Parchment granny squares from Granny Square Academy 2 laid over a white background. A pair of gold handled yarn scissors and a black handled gold crochet hook sit between the squares.

I share with you everything you need to enjoy your granny squares even more…I know, I didn’t know it was possible, either!

Each lesson in Granny Square Academy 2 has:

+             a design with all you need to know about the techniques and stitches

+             charts for left and right-handed crocheters

+             videos, again for left and right-handers, and

+             UK and US pattern formats.

Granny Square Academy 2 is a companion book to Granny Square Academy, so it’s highly recommended that you have both-and, yes, beginning as a confident crocheter makes it easier to dive into this book.

So, if you don’t feel like a confident crocheter just yet, then start with Granny Square Academy, and you’ll have everything you need to join us here soon enough.

When will Granny Square Academy 2 be available

The official release date is 14th July, 2023. Pre-order is open now direct from me here. The book will start to show up on online retailers around the world in the coming weeks. Granny Square Academy 2 will be in physical book and digital format. You get access to the digital in the physical book no matter where you get it.

Close up of parchment granny squares from Granny Square Academy 2 with joined blanket on the right and a row ready to be added to the left of it. Left again, are granny squares that are waiting to become a row to then be joined to the blanket in progress. A ball of parchment yarn sits to the left and a pair of black handled yarn scissors sits on the blanket to the right.

Where can I get Granny Square Academy 2 (and your other books)

Pretty much all around the world. Yup. Thanks to modern technology, if you order a book in say, the UK, it is printed there and sent to you.  Much more efficient and cost effective than me sending from Australia!

On the flip side, here in Australia, it is easy and better for me to send orders within Australia and not too bad for Kiwi folks either.  That’s why you see the listing for my books as Australia and New Zealand only in my shop

If you want a book and you’re elsewhere, you can source it online from your preferred online retailer.  It depends where you are in the world where that is.  There’s the ubiquitous Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia, Chapters, Books Express, Waterstones to name just a few.  Google is your friend.  Search for online book sellers in your country and then type in “Shelley Husband Crochet” in their search bar.  (You will likely see Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein if you leave out the crochet bit ha.)

Completed parchment sampler blanket from Granny Square Academy 2 with a large ball of parchment yarn and a pair of black yarn scissors.

Digital version?

Like digital instead of physical books? Well come direct to me for that no matter where you are. All my books are available as PDFs in my shop

Pre-order for the Granny Square Academy 2 book will be trickling through the internet wires to the online book sellers over the coming weeks.  Some sites don’t do pre-order so it may not appear in them until the release date of 14 July, 2023.

Pre-Order now and get bonuses!

Pre-ordering Granny Square Academy 2 direct from me comes with two special bonuses!

One – the big one, is that you will receive the book/PDF way sooner than the 14th July official release date.  Yup. I can’t say precisely when, but it’ll likely be before the end of June. 

Two – you will get something to play with while you wait for that earlier release.  You will get a super-duper early sneak peek at one of the patterns for the 2024 book!  It will be in your pre-order confirmation  PDF.  It’ll look nothing like the actual 2024 book format/style, as we’ve not even considered the slightest possibility of even allowing ourselves to start thinking about thinking about that yet ha. 

It is in written format with a photo, in both UK and US terms. And there is a chart. 

This photo is the pattern you’ll get to play with.  I have not begun to think about names, so it’s just called Sneak Peek Pattern for now.

Granny Square Academy 2 sampler blanket in a crumple rumple with a single granny square in the middle. A pair of black yarn scissors sits to the left of the middle

These bonuses are only for folks who pre-order from me.

I hope my Granny Square Academy 2 will take your crochet skills to new heights.


  1. Regina McClean

    Hi Shelley,
    I live in New York and will have to order from Amazon. So, am I receiving the Bonus by pre- ordering from Amazon. I made the mistake and ordered somehow two GSA! LOL

    • Shelley Husband

      Oh no! Hopefully you can gift one to someone and spread the love. The bonus I’m afraid is only for folks who pre-order from me as I have no control over orders outside of my shop.

      • Regina McClean

        Thank you!

  2. connie pletz

    Hi Shelley, I have Granny Square Academy, I love it… But would like to see the videos you said were available. How to I find them? Thanks, connie

    • Shelley Husband

      They are on my YouTube channel and linked to in the book/digital versions in each pattern help section 🙂


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