Here is the home base for the CAL with all the info you need and links that may help.

The Granny Square Academy CAL 2021 is done!

I loved seeing you learn and grow as crocheters as you worked through Granny Square Academy.

The following info is from before the CAL started.  All codes are now expired.

Are you one of the folks who has Granny Square Academy but hasn’t picked it up yet?  Maybe you got stuck at some point and put it aside.  Maybe you simply haven’t had time?  Well now is your chance to dust it off and get a-learning along with others.

GSA CAL by Shelley Husband

The Granny Square Academy begins Monday 10th May 2021.


Granny Square Academy in progress

For all the info, FAQ’s, yarn information, head to this page.

Who is the CAL for and what will you learn?

Take your beginner crochet skills to the next level with the  Granny Square Academy CAL.

If you;

  • can crochet a traditional granny square but can’t read a pattern,
  • taught yourself to crochet and aren’t quite sure if you’re doing it right, or
  • know what you’re doing but want to brush up on your skills,

then Granny Square Academy is for you!

Here’s just a snippet of the things you’ll learn with the CAL;

  • how to read a pattern and chart
  • how to crochet seamlessly
  • how to change colours
  • how to weave in ends
  • how to block
  • how to join granny squares

In short, all the little things you need to know to make granny squares fabulous.

There is plenty of support from detailed general crochet help to specific round by round extensive written and photographic help and even video.

You’ve got this!

Granny Square Flair Sampler by Shelley Husband

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I can’t wait to see your skills grow.



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