GREG Mystery CAL Part 6 – Bob – Part 2

Hi folks!

How’d you go with Bob Part 1?  I bet you did just fine. 🙂

Part 6 – BOB – part 2

This time around we will do the next bit of the big brother – BOB.

Part 2 of Bob by Shelley Husband

Grab you’re 4 part 1 Bobs, ready for the next part of the pattern.  We’ll be turning the circle into a square with part 2.

If your younger brothers have all been 5″ (almost 13 cm), then this part of Bob should be about 9″ (23 cm) along each side.  It’s best to give it a quick finger block (stretch it straight with your fingers) before measuring. Don’t worry if it’s not exactly square, that will come with later rounds.

The Pattern

You can download the next 6 Rounds of the Bob pattern below in either UK or US terms, just click the one you prefer to download it.  The pattern fits on one page again this time around.

UK Terms  US Terms

Hints and Tips for Bob Part 2

There really is nothing hard in Part 2 of Bob, just a few things to note that might make it easier.

Just like for Joe, when you are working into the chains in Round 9, it is a little fiddly, so if you find it too hard, just work over the chains as you normally would.  I think it’s worth the fiddle though.

You may want to end Round 9 with an invisible join, but I didn’t bother, as the flower things draw your eye away from that join anyway.

The corners of Round 12 have you working a spike stitch into a Round 10 stitch, but it’s not hard – see the picture below to see where to work it.

R 12 spike

The 2 stitches after the spike stitch need to be worked into the 4 ch space of Round 11 as follows :

R 12 sts after spike

Need help?  Then pop over to my Ravelry Group and I’ll help you out.

Well that’s it for the second part of BOB.  I’ll see you next week with the next part of BOB. Have fun!

xx Shelley


  1. Charlotte

    Where do I get bob part 1 to start?

  2. Shelley Husband

    There’s a link just above your comment Charlotte or head to the GREG tab up the top where you’ll find links to all the patterns. 🙂

  3. Marta

    Hi Shelley!
    I’m loving how Bob has worked out this week! When I have finished part 2 should I finish off or leave the yarn? Is there a part 3 to Bob?
    Marta xx

    • Shelley Husband

      Hi Marta 🙂 There is a part 3 & part 4 to Bob so leave your yarn attached, unless you have to cut it to work on other Bobs 🙂

      • Marta

        Thanks! 😀

  4. Heather

    Thank you so much for the pictures….that spike stitch between clusters had me going!!
    Enjoying this one ????

    • Shelley Husband

      I’m glad the picture explained it all! Good to hear you’re having fun 🙂


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