Sticking Points – Bellis Granny Square Help

Have you tried the Bellis granny square pattern from my book Granny Square Patchwork and gotten stuck?

I’m here to get you unstuck! Once you see how the where the stitches are placed, all will become clear.

There is one round that seems to trip folks up. Round 5. Once you see what’s happening, it really is a very easy round.

Round 5 – let’s break it down

Every stitch of round 4 is used. As well as those stitches, there is also a stitch worked between every stitch of Round 4, doubling the stitch count.

The sticking point is the instruction “between last and next sts”.

The silver needles are pointing to the “same st as ss” and “next st”, the red needle is pointing to between these 2 stitches.

The first stitch in “same st as ss” has been made in this photo. (Hot Tip: pop a stitch marker in the first stitch as soon as you make it to make it easier to count your stitches and see where to join at the end of the round)

The same stitch the slip stitch was worked into is now classed as the “last st” as it was the last stitch used. The next stitch is the cluster, so the instruction to work a stitch between last and next stitch means you work a stitch where the red needle is.

The clusters all have a front post stitch worked around them

After the front post stitch around the cluster is made, again you work a stitch “between the last and next sts” i.e.: between the cluster and the next stitch.

There should be three stitches between each front post stitch around a cluster – one between, one in the next st, one between.

Bellis is the first pattern of 40 in Granny Square Patchwork, available in book or PDF format.

 If there are any other book patterns of mine you have given up on because you can’t get past a certain point, let me know what they are and which round is tripping you up on the Sticking Points post here.

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  1. Elizabeth Higgins

    Thank you! This is the first one I tried, and this advice helped a lot.


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