Sticking Points – Sol Granny Square Help

Have you tried the Sol granny square pattern from my book Granny Square Flair and gotten stuck?

I’m here to get you unstuck! Once you see how the stitches are worked between rounds, all will be well.

Sol granny square with the Granny Square Flair book

Rounds three to five have the common sticking points, as they use stitches from rounds other than the previous one. These photos should help you work out what goes where.

Round 3

All of the Round 3 stitches are worked into Round 1 stitches. No Round 2 stitches are used at all.

Round 3 of Sol with needles showing the first stitch of Round 1 behind Round 2

The first stitch is worked into the stitch joined into with a slip stitch of Round 1 -the first stitch of Round 1.

Where to work the stitches of Round 3

Work 2 stitches in next stitch (red needle), 1 stitch in next stitch (silver needle) and repeat that around the Round 1 stitches. 2 stitches in one, 1 stitch in the next. You should end with 2 in the last stitch of Round 1.

Round 4

Before you begin Round 4, identify same stitch as slip stitch of Rounds 2 and 3.

Identifying the first stitches of Rounds 2 nd 3

After making your first stitch in same stitch as slip stitch, chain 2 and work a stitch in the same stitch as slip stitch of Round 2.

where to work the first stitch into Round 2

Now it’s time to skip 2 stitches of Round 3 and work your next stitch. The silver needle is where the first stitch of Round 4 was worked. The red needle is where to work the next stitch of Round 4.

Skip 2 stitches of Round 3

Now you alternate between working a stitch in Round 2 and a stitch in Round 3. Skip one stitch between all Round 2 stitches and skip two stitches between all Round 3 stitches.

Skip 1 stitch of Round 2

Round 5

The first stitch is worked where the red needle is. It’s a back post stitch around the same stitch the slip stitch was worked into.

where to work the first stitch of Round 5

The next three stitches are worked into the Round 3 stitches – 2 where the red needle is and one where the silver needle is. The back post stitches are worked around the Round 4 stitches.

where to work the next stitches of Round 5

Round 5 complete:

Round 5 of Sol complete

The rest of the pattern is plain sailing.

A cream coloured and a multi-coloured version of the Sol pattern from Granny Square Flair.

Sol is one of the 50 patterns in Granny Square Flair, available in book or PDF form.

 If there are any other book patterns of mine you have given up on because you can’t get past a certain point, let me know what they are and which round is tripping you up on the Sticking Points post here.


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